Dear Friends,

This website was my way of keeping in touch during my year in Wales.

(I named the website as part of an attempt to reclaim the name Anthony, rather than Tony, but the attempt failed, and I am Tony again.)

In September 2012 I started an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David. The campus for the course is in the small town of Lampeter, site of the third oldest institute of higher education in Britain - after Oxford and Cambridge.

You can read some poems, short stories, reflections and occasional photos from those days, with pages linked on the left. There are also some links to things I was involved with.

More current websites with my poems are: Feathers Scattered in the Wind, the site of the printed collection of my poems, which was published in Wales by Iconau in June 2014. That's where you can read details about it and how to get it.

TurningCD: site of the CD of my recent collection of poems on migration and identity.

Beasts and Beloveds: my earlier mostly US-based poems collected on a CD in 2009. Still available. Many of the poems appear in Feathers Scattered in the Wind.

Seven Views of the South Fork River: a collection posted in 2012, which includes the seven-poem series in praise of the river that runs past my home, and also appears in print in Feathers Scattered in the Wind.

I continue to maintain the website at, which has some (rather old) photos of my home, life and people in Hyampom, California.

I'd love to hear from you, and am still at tonyk at sonic dot net.