Here's a selection of recent writing from class assignments. We were given a sentence for the prose (shown in blue in the text), and a subject topic or a format for the poems. The prose pieces have their own pages.

9 September, 2012

Short Story: Closed for the Year

16 October, 2012

Poem: mystery discs

we found them in their thousands
as we dug into the clay
and when they told us they were safe
the children put their fingers through the holes
to spin them
but soon got bored
for they made no noise

at first we thought they were wheels
with the hole for an axle or a spindle
but they were too light
for anything but thoughts

and perhaps that's what they were
each one an idea
to be launched
at the appropriate time
in the appropriate direction

like we do today
reaching out
for a sympathetic target
to complete our connection
and ensure our dispersal

or the way we shoot out opinions
to catch people
with their stickiness
or knock them out of the way
to make sure we get an easy ride

they were hard to break
crack them and brittle shards
would spray across the skin
and become embedded
causing nightmares
in children
who would wake
singing violent songs in a strange tongue

14 November, 2012

Short Story: The Friends

21 November, 2012

Poem: Coastal Path

kestrel hover
kite sail
wind chill
peregrine plunge
sun sparkle
grass glisten
gorse glow
ocean breathe
wave sigh

5 December, 2012

Short Story: A Sandy Muse